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Best Triathlon Watch For Swiming Cycling And Running

Do you perform triathlon or its activities (swimming, cycling, running) and are looking for the Best Triathlon Watch For Swiming, Cycling And Running? That contrast should be of benefit to you. We choose the best latest triathlon GPS watches. Check out how we measure, research, thoughts, and suggestions.

Which watch should you choose for the triathlon?

There are numerous GPS watches on the market. From cheap low-end triathlon watch to ultra-sophisticated watch, prices range from under $200 to over $600. How to navigate and which triathlon watch to buy? Do you have to choose a multi sport watch or one dedicated to this activity?

Here are some tips for you to choose from, and a list of the best current triathlete watches. You can go straight to our selection of the best triathlon watches if you already know these tips.

Best Triathlon Watch For Swiming, Cycling And Running

An outdoor or multi sport watch is designed to accompany you in different outdoor or indoor sports. Choose the style of watch if you are planning to use your watch for sports other than triathlons. Top of the line models offer an impressive variety of sports and features, including swimming, cycling, and running.

However, Multi sport watches aren’t all appropriate for triathlon practice: they don’t always know how to manage the transition between sports (you need to pause the watch and restart it with another sport). They are usually thicker and heavier, more difficult to use due to their various possibilities, and more costly.

The triathlon watch specifically designed for triathlon preparation, including the ironman, monitoring the three basic exercises (swimming, cycling, and running) and transitions from one activity to the next.

It is suitable for seaside swimming. It is less robust and consequently generally lighter and thinner, hence more suitable for a triathlon, not having the same constraints as outdoor watches. Of course, only one of the three events (swimming, running, or cycling) can be used.

Best Criteria for Finding a Suitable Triathlon Watch

To choose your triathlon GPS watch, you must consider the technical features, functions, tools, and metrics offered, autonomy, comfort, and ease of use.

Triathlon Watch Technical features

A triathlon watch must withstand bad weather and be waterproof to a minimum of 5 ATM (50 theoretical meters). Measurement of heart rate in water requires a strap to the chest (optical sensors on the wrist do not work in water).

Choose a light and thin watch with a silicone strap, if possible, so that your activities are not hampered.

A sapphire crystal (anti-scratch) is not useful for triathlon: it adds no added value to the watch’s weight and price unless you intend to wear your watch daily or use it for outdoor activities.

Watch Functions

The triathlon watch must manage the three sports activities (open water swimming, cycling, running) and ensure the transition between activities (simply pressing a button allows you to change sport without stopping the watch).

It must be compliant with traditional sensors (at least cadence and power for the bike and cardio belt), preferably support multiple standards (ANT+, Bluetooth smart) for improved usability, and show useful data for three sports.

The best triathlon watches are fitted with a GPS and an altimeter, enabling you to schedule a workout, provide tools and metrics to manage effort well, and help the triathlon improve his training and performance. Also useful may be audible and vibrating alerts (entering the red zone, achieving the goal, etc.).

Watch Autonomy

Sports watches are energy-intensive, particularly when using GPS. Select a watch with enough autonomy to complete the race, especially if it’s an ironman!. Some watches offer a power-saving mode that increases the battery life (more spaced GPS readings). More and more manufacturers are extrapolating the GPS track from accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass data for more accurate measurements in this mode.

Watch Comfort and ease of use

Light and thin is the ideal watch for a triathlon. Watch out for watches designed to be robust at multisport. They are getting heavier and thicker. Also, the size of the watch can be a choice criterion. Garmin offers several case diameters to suit thin wrists and interchangeable straps, with its latest Fenix 5. Check also the screen and its user-friendliness (size, number of pixels, with or without color, anti-reflective, sunlight-readable, tactile or not, with programmable sports displays).

Lastly, if you want to wear your watch daily, a model with an interchangeable strap (leather, metal, silicone, etc.) is preferable to adapt the watch to your outfit.

Choosing what functions, tools and metrics are for you?

The ideal triathlon watch offers functions, tools and metrics used to inform the triathlon about their race, help them manage the event, and give them indicators for monitoring their progress and optimizing their training during the training. These measurements and calculations are made using the watch’s sensors and external sensors (power, cadence, etc.).

A good triathlon watch informs the athlete of the distance covered, including during swimming (via GPS), running time, speed, pace, heart rate (to manage the effort well.

To know its energy expenditure, possibly to evaluate their VO2max and thus their physical condition, to determine the training zones, not to enter the red, etc.). Switching from one sport to another occurs with a button without stopping the progress of the recording.

The Best Triathlon Available Watches On The Market

Usually, the best on the market triathlon watches come packed with features. Also, these watches tend to be on the high end of the price scale. They require a longer learning curve, with so many features, appropriately used. So we’ve included a few cheaper options and easier to use.

You might wonder how a running watch differs from a triathlon watch to new triathlons. A triathlon watch does everything a running watch can do. It also has a couple of functions intended for competition.





Best Triathlon Watch For Swiming
Best Triathlon Watch For Running

Garmin continues to lead the way in training and triathlons for triathletes looking for the best GPS watch to use. Their latest timepiece, the 945 Forerunner, is thin and light, full of features and long battery life.

Built based on the 935, the Forerunner 945 continues to be Best Triathlon Watch For Swiming, Cycling And Running, with a wealth of related activity data. But now the garmine 945 has an enhanced battery, as well as a music storage system, Garmin Pay, and real road maps and topography.

Forerunner 945 Swimming Specs

The 945 is followed by the swimming pool and swimming in open water. The lengths (in the pool), the distance, the pace and the number of strokes counted. It can detect the type of swimming (freestyle, backstroke, etc.) and calculate the effectiveness of the swimming. If you are buying heart rate monitors for Garmin’s Tri and Swim, the 945 records heart rate while swimming.

Forerunner 945 Cycling Specs

The Forerunner 945 records time, speed and distance during bike rides, and works with a range of bike accessories such as power meters and Garmin’s Varia safety system. You can download routes to the watch for better navigation, thanks to the new preloaded maps.

Forerunner 945 Running Specs

The watch registers distance, speed, and time for runners. To monitor heart rate, use an HRM for the chest or HRM integrated on the wrist. If you wear the Garmin’s Running Pod (or one of the HRM chest belt), cadence, vertical “bounce” and ground contact recorded in the 945-measurements that can help improve running shape.

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When switching from swimming to cycling and from cycling to running, the multisport button allows you to switch between activities on the same track, allowing you to change screens and measurements. You can quickly switch the Forerunner 945 from a strap to a bike mount with the Quick Release kit for better visibility while racing.

Other data characteristics include training state and the effect of aerobic and anaerobic training. With this data, you get a good idea of your fitness improvement with each workout. Training load provides a broader picture of fitness by looking at your weekly activity stats and comparing them with weeks beforehand.

Music lovers can store it up to you 1000 songs on the watch. Directly monitor reading on the watch. And if you’re using Spotify, Garmin has an exclusive consent to stream Spotify, either with a phone or downloading playlists to the 945.

The Forerunner 945 comes with some new security features. If you need help, just one click of a button will send some friends and family. A text message and an e-mail to let them know your location. Automatic detection of incidents when you have a bicycle accident does the same.


  • The best Triathlon to watch
  • Gpx running, swimming, hiking and many more activities
  • Striking battery life
  • Playing music
  • New security features Cons.


  • No heartbeats when swimming in real-time (only during breaks)





Best Triathlon Watch For CyclingThe Garmin fenix 6 is another great multisport option would be a mistake. In fact the fenix 6 is the same watch as the Forerunner 945. Both watches have the main features in a triathlon watch you want: swimming, cycling, race tracking, multisport, and quick release kit, long watch life. Battery. Battery.

Garmin fenix 6 vs Forerunner 945

Both have a wrist-based heart rate, the Garmin Pay system, real street and topo maps and the ability to track tons of other non-triathlon-related activities such as skiing and paddling.

For triathletes we prefer the Forereunner 945 to the Fenix 6, since the 945 is lighter and a little thinner. The fenix is a bulkier triathlon-training and T1 transition watch.

Also the fenix 6 lacks certain cycling features. These include creating specific bicycle routes on street maps and vector support. And while some fenix 6 versions allow music playback, they ‘re more expensive than the 945’s.

But if you want a stylish, office-friendly watch with all the features of the best triathlon watch from Garmin, then the fenix 6 is a good choice.

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  • Just like the 945 on features / price
  • Many activities monitored
  • A Big Battery
  • Large screen, with high resolution
  • The Garmin Connect app does wireless synchronization


  • There are few small items found on 945 missing
  • Heavy



Best Triathlon Watch For Running


We’ll pick a different Garmin. The Forerunner 735XT is very similar to the 935-a few “additions” are missing, such as the golf mount and the barometric altimeter. But it’s slim, light has key features for triathletes including pool tracking, open-water and multisport swim tracking, and it’s equipped with a power meter and cycling cadence accessories.

The main characteristic that triathletes lack is rapid release. So you can either keep it on your wrist while cycling or have the foam attachment attached to the handlebars. For some, this isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but it’s enough to keep it from becoming our best watch for triathlons.

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The Forerunner 735XT Pros and Cons

Fourteen hours of use in GPS mode the battery life is very decent. You can create custom Workouts. It tracks running metrics such as cadence and length of steps. Swimming tracking includes tracking distance, speed, lap counters (in the pool), and tracking arm stroke. The power meter and cadence assist have been mentioned before-but it also allows you to measure yourself against the courses you have created and past activities.


  • Strava Live Segment
  • Three features: swimming track, multisport, lightweight tracking
  • Cheaper than the 935 Forerunner
  • Good battery
  • Colour Show


  • No Fast Release Kit


Best Triathlon Watch For Swiming, Cycling And RunningThe COROS APEX is a new, on the market, Triathlon GPS watch. Its stunning battery, three specific functions and a great value for money make it an attractive option for runners and multisport athletes.

APEX is available in two sizes and three colours. One version with black/silver bezel 46 mm and one with black / black bezel and a white/white bezel 42 mm. Except for the 46 mm version, the watches work identically, with a slightly more powerful battery.

APEX has two major advantages to it. First of all, its battery has an impressive lifespan-up to 35 hours in GPS mode and 30 days in standard mode (for the 46 mm version, the smaller model is 25 hours / 24 days).

Second, APEX represents a safe bet. It’s similar to Garmin’s Forerunner 935 in terms of features and battery, but it costs about 25 per cent less.

The APEX ticks all the boxes you’d expect from current GPS watches as a running and triathlon look. It tracked time, speed, distance, cadence, calories, altitude, heart rate in the wrist, as well as the intensity of the workout and suggested recovery time. It records pool and open water swimming for triathletes, as well as a multisport mode for transitions between activities.

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The APEX GPS Features

A barometer provides accurate data concerning altitude. An integrated thermometer also allows measuring of temperature.

It’s simple and intuitive to use the watch. There are two buttons, one having a crown dial for menu scrolling. Select your activity, any special settings (interval training, pace / HR alerts, etc.), when you’re ready to train. When APEX finds the GPS it beeps. Click the “Start” button, and you are good to go.

The APEX features additional functions common to many Triathlon watches. It doubles for counting the steps as a fitness tracker (and the stairs you climb). It shows alerts such as emails, reminders and other messages from the phone. The screen is big, and it is readable. It’s a colourful projector. You can customize the watch face and activity screens based on what they are displaying and how they look.

In a handful of colours, you can buy additional watch straps. You can quickly replace them by pushing a small button, which snaps into the watch.

While COROS lacks a complete software ecosystem to track your activities, it works with Strava and other third-party apps instead.

Overall we like APEX. She has a phenomenal battery like an Ironman, for long events. It has several features to control and track your runs, walks, and swimming. And compared with Garmin watches and other triathlon watches, this is a great value.


  • A glittering battery
  • Trustworthy watch
  • Precision
  • Find a GPS Easily
  • Easy to use interface


  • Phone synchronization of a data-no download of software
  • No Fast Release Kit


latest triathlon GPS watches
latest triathlon GPS watches

The Spartan Sport is in the middle of a new range of multisport GPS watches from Suunto. Without the exorbitant Suunto 9 price tag, it has enough strength to please most triathletes.

Like the Garmin Forerunner 735XT, it includes wrist heart rate monitoring, multisport monitoring, and swimming pool and open water tracking. The Spartan Sport is preprogrammed for when you want to cross-train with over 80 other forms of sports. Any of these sports can be configured with interval training and exercise modes (including running, cycling, and swimming).

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Like Garmin watches, the Spartan Sport monitors the training load and allows you to see patterns in training and heart rate on a long-term study. You may also document your after-training feelings and continue this pattern for the long term.

The wrist records heart rate, but you can buy a separate HRM chest strap for more accurate heart rate, and log heart rate while swimming.

The battery life is not as long as we wish-in GPS mode; it averages around 10 hours per charge. If you’re doing full Ironman distances, you may want a different watch. But for shorter triathlons and general triathlon preparation, this is perfect.

The Spartan Sport eventually comes in a selection of brace and bezel colours. There is no easy release, but a rubber tie can be used to secure the watch to your handlebars.


  • A decent value for money
  • The key Triathlon components
  • Take heart rate when you swim.



  • Battery life Average
  • No immediate release


We found the best triathlon watches for 2020, after several hours of research. Our choices include a variety of brands, prices and features that make it easy to select A look that suits your budget and your needs.

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