best mens electric razor for sensitive skin

5 Best Men’s Electric Razor For Sensitive Skin 2020

Looking for the best mens electric razor for sensitive skin to be presentable at work or for personal pleasure, men need to have the best possible shave when they want it. Men use an electric razor for sensitive skin to achieve better performance. In a spirit of continual change in shaving efficiency, we have been able to find the electric razor, the successor to the manual razor, in our supermarkets and household appliance stores for many years. But how do you choose the right electric shaver, which will be the most effective for your skin?

5 All You Need To Know Before You Buy An Electric Razor For Sensitive Skin

Buying an electric shaver can be a little bit of an issue, particularly with the many models on the market. The latter does have closely related characteristics. We recommend you concentrate on the following five points to help you find your way around and choose the style that best suits you.

Take Battery Life Into Consideration

The majority of the electric razor for sensitive skin available on the market are cordless. In any case, we do not suggest that you go for a corded model, which would significantly reduce your space for maneuver and, therefore, your comfort in shaving. A cordless model does work with a battery, however, and you need to make sure it’s of quality. It also has to have substantial autonomy while not having too much recharge time. You can also consider some exciting options, such as an indicator for the battery, a quick charging feature, or the possibility to use it when charging.

Choosing a Famous Brand Instead

Although choosing an electric shaver from an unknown brand could still have a pleasant surprise. You can, however, also experience a deficient quality model and therefore be disappointed. It is safer to go to a known brand, such as Remington, Braun, or Philips, to avoid running this risk. Then you should be able to experience excellent reliability while profiting from a company’s know-how and technology that has been in the shaving industry for many years.

Do Not Mix Electric Shaver With The Beard Trimmer

You won’t be able to enjoy a shave as accurately as with a manual razor, especially a choux or safety razor, using an electric razor. But it is a product that still provides a reasonably reliable shave. But it won’t let you shave your beard. It would help if you used a beard trimmer for this. The latter gives you many choices for styling your beard. But it won’t make you shave as nearly as with an electric razor.

Don’t miss the grip

While a shaving accessory is known for its excellent grip and user-friendliness, you do need to ensure, however, that this is the case. To do this, first, you need to verify that the handle is of quality. It might be useful, for example, that it has a non-slip coating that decreases the chance of dropping it. Also, you can verify that its form is well matched to your palm. Even the blade is essential, and it’s desirable to be smooth. It helps you to reduce the number of passages you need to make, and therefore eliminate as much as possible the possibility of discomfort.

Maintenance: The secret to maintaining your electric shaver

As with many electrical devices, the electric shaver’s lifetime often depends on how carefully you are using it. Why you need to keep your electric shaver properly to ensure it remains in good condition. The blades must be washed first after each use. Residues or hairs are often normal to get caught in the edges. Therefore you have to make sure you delete them. For this, you can run it under running water if your electric shaver is waterproof, and if it is not, you can clean it with a small dedicated brush. Please note that by tapping it against the sink, you ultimately must stop cleaning it, as this could hurt it.

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The 5 best razors  ed electrical in 2020:

1. The Braun Series 9 electric shaver:

best mens electric razor for sensitive skin
Braun Series 9 electric shaver

This Braun Series 9 electric shaver is one of the best electric shavers available on the market for electric razor for sensitive skin, with the highest finish quality. It is built on the same high-quality audio technology as the Series 7, though offering much better performance and more features. However, given all the incredible advancements that it provides, you can still get it for a comparatively much lower price than expected.

The Braun Series 9 electric shaver comes with the same high-quality equipment and technology that the German manufacturer would expect. But this time around, Braun’s experts went above and beyond in developing a razor that blends all of the attributes.

First, when you order Braun’s new Series 9 electric shaver, you’ll get a good, easy-to-use shaver ready to go. The electric shaver in the Braun series 9 features the highly intelligent SyncroSonic technology from Braun, executing 40,000 perfectly balanced transverse movements per minute. You’ll experience the best and most comfortable shave.

the 5 best electric shavers

It’s a better razor that can trim even 3-day beards, and its HyperLift & Cut trimmer has been built with no difficulty in finding the most stubborn hairs. The packaging contains DirectCut, another powerful cutting product. This device can detect strands that develop in various directions. It is a great advantage when you consider that most other electric shavers provide no solutions to this problem.

electric razor for sensitive skinThe equipment list also includes an adjustable multi-head cutting angle tool designed to deliver a custom shave, a powerful LED display, and a Li-ion battery that provides more than 50 minutes of shaving after just one charge time. Hour. Hour.

The Braun 9095cc and 9040cc electric shavers are ranked as the best for their simplicity and adaptability when comparing the four main Braun Series 9 models’ performance. Mainly due to the Wet & Dry system, which provides a more effective and relaxing shower shave.

Travel storage options also come with the Braun 9050cc and 9095cc electric shavers. You’ll receive a sturdy and well-designed leather pouch where you can put your Braun shaver whenever you want during your holiday or business trip.

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The best accessory the Series 9 electric shaver comes with is undoubtedly the 5-action charging and cleaning station. This station also provides a range of automated drying and washing programs, in addition to the washing, lubricating and recharging functions provided by the legacy Series 7 station.

electric razor for sensitive skin 2020

As experts at Braun have noted, using the cleaning station is ten times more hygienic than just rinsing the razor to eliminate impurity. One of the key reasons for its popularity is using a robust alcoholic cleaning solution that can kill more than 99 percent of all bacteria and germs during each cleaning session.

razor for sensitive skin 2020The Braun Series 7 electric shaver’s only advantages over the Series 9 electric shaver are its price and three modes designed to fit the product to your particular shaving style and specifications. The sensitive way can help you get the best shave for your delicate skin, while regular and intense modes can be used on various parts of the body.

However, due to its quadruple cutting method, which is considered to be much more adaptable to various parts of the body and offering more precision while shaving, some users think the Series 9 electric shaver is better.

2. The Philips Shaver Serie 9000


It can take quite some time to get up in the morning, get dressed to go to work or go out. Philips has never stopped working to innovate shaving. Its primary purpose is to have an ultramodern, easy-to-use interface that achieves an efficient result.

That made the Series 9000 razor born so many reasons. This groundbreaking product is the fruit of the brand’s technical development. It’s known as the world’s most convenient and powerful electric shaver. Indeed, compared to the other models, the number of mowers’ passes is reduced, so that haircutting is efficient.

With this unit, the shaving gets quicker. Moreover, the consumer experiences no annoyance at all. It can also be used in the most vulnerable areas.

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One Of a Kind Model!

best electric razor for elderly man

Philips Sequence 9000

The Philips 9000 Series shaver is really at the top of the line for Philips electric shavers. Indeed, you get an excellent impression right away when you take it out of its rigid transport shell. It offers perfect ergonomics on the one hand, which fits perfectly into the palm, whether you are right-handed or left-handed.

The Philips 9000 Series shaver, on the other hand, has two shaving heads: a shaving head with three circular blades, and a trimmer head with five-level comb adjustable. Additionally, right next to the Power button, you’ll find two buttons-and + that allow you to change the cutting speed in three steps, allowing you to adjust the shaving to the rasped region. All this will enable you to enjoy optimum, not only prosperous but also painless shaving conditions.

Finally, the Philips 9000 Series shaver is very functional, thanks to the SmartClean cleaning and recharging system, making it simple to clean the shaver by inserting a liquid cleaning cartridge into the device’s base.

It’s possible to use the Philips 9000 series shaver on battery or attach it to the mains. The battery life is around 50 minutes, which is more than adequate for shaving. Finally, this shaver has an indicator display showing the remaining battery.

3.  Braun Series 7-790cc Pulsonic Men’s Shaving System

best electric razor for elderly man 2020
best electric razor for man

The lightweight and stylish Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaving Device with its black and silver style allow for a shave close to the face. This Braun shaver has three different shaving modes to suit your facial shape better. Braun’s razor also captures stubborn hair that is difficult to get with cheaper electrical razors, giving you a quick, clean shave. Like other razors in its class, it also has a separate unit capable of washing, lubricating, drying, and charging your electric shaver.

The German company Braun is known for producing durable and designed to last products. Thus the new technology is used to create the Braun Pulsonic 7-760cc electric shaver: it has a powerful linear motor. Over 10,000 micro-vibrations cause you to capture the entire hair for the first time.

You should bring your electric shaver into the Braun Clean and Recharge machine to clean, lubricate, and dry your shaver when you’ve finished shaving. Your shaver will charge when those cycles are full. The only problem with this shaver is the drying period length, which may be longer. When set, remove your shaver from the charging system and air dry for about an hour.

best portable shaver
best portable shaver

But if you’re annoyed with using your shaver when it’s still damp, remove it to dry out of the machine. The razor is 100 percent waterproof, so if you wish, you can even rinse it with a brush, but its price is mostly attributable to the cleaning device in which it is sold. So if you happen to have a charger and no cleaning device, investing your money elsewhere will be more useful for you.

For men who take care of their beard or mustache, this Braun men’s best electric razor also contains a precision long hair trimmer that is very effective in holding paws, mustache, or mustache way possible. A “triple-action cutting device” on both long and short hairs promises a flawless shave just as simple.

This razor has three different shaving types, so you can better tailor the shave to your skin. There is the mode which is extra-sensitive, regular, and intense. So you can make use of the one that gives your face the best shave.


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With its inline blades, this Braun electric razor is designed to shave using slanting motions across the face instead of the circular motions of traditional circular razors. Most men prefer to another form of a shave. The blade inside the razor is designed to guard the face against irritation. However, when using this razor, you can also use water, shaving lotion, or shaving foam.


This Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaving System provides a clean and smooth shave to your face if you prefer linear electric razors to rotary shavers. In this device, the only weakness is the drying and recharging feature. Whether or not the electric shaver can be left slightly damp at the end of the cleaning cycle, this is easily remedied by removing it from the machine and airing air. She’ll be able to go the next morning.

best electric razors for acne prone skin
best electric razors 2020

4. Braun Cool Tec series 5


With the Braun CoolTec 5 series, men with susceptible skin, or who do not enjoy the shaving experience, may, at last, have the solution to their problems.

Not only do its rotating heads avoid discomfort, but the electric shaver also has a cooling system that helps alleviate irritated skin. It makes it much more comfortable to shave, regardless of the person’s degree of skin sensitivity. ‘Benutzer. This cooling strip of aluminum also tends to minimize redness after shaving and the number of hairs grown.

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The Braun CoolTec Series 5 shaver uses an innovative three-step haircutting system, further reducing discomfort and making for a cleaner, closer shave. In reality, everything is built to hug and conform to the contours of a man’s face when he uses it.

This electric shaver can be used dry or underwater with rotating heads, has a built-in mini-trimmer, and an LCD monitor showing the battery charge level. While on our list, it is much more costly than other razors, tests show that it might be suitable for people who need a little more protection when shaving.

5. The Panasonic ES-Lv95-S Shaver Electric Razor For Sensitive Skin


Because even hard-wearing guys can get sensitive skin, and this is what makes the Panasonic ES-Lv95-S Electric Shaver friendly. This razor not only provides a perfectly close shave, but it has also been crafted and tailored for men suffering from redness, inflammation, or incubated hair after their rasping.

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For men with sensitive skin, it’s not the best electric razor out there-you’ll find it a little further down this list-but it lands one of the top spots quickly.

It has a non-slip handle that makes it easy to use the electric shaver, even in the shower. A very versatile built-in trimmer is useful for cutting paws and facial hair.

Furthermore, the shaver is supplied with a self-cleaning base, which helps keep the shaver clean and efficient. Finally, it benefits from a short charging time (less than an hour) and autonomy of 45 minutes and all the other advantages of this electric shaver.

Specialized tests have put this model of electric shaver among the best in the category of “wet / dry foil shaver,” which is no small feat in this very competitive field, particularly when we consider that Panasonic is not generally one of the specialists in the market of an electric shaver.

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How to choose the electric razor for sensitive skin?

Choosing an electric razor is something you shouldn’t buy on a whim. It is because you need to make sure you choose the one that best suits your needs. The ideal way to do this is to rely on several criteria and examine them precisely to see if they suit your requirements. So here are the conditions that you absolutely must-read.

best mens electric razor for sensitive skin
best mens electric razor for sensitive skin

Start by choosing the type of electric shaver you prefer

First of all, you need to define the type of razor you prefer. Are differentiated by shaving head. Depending on the models, you can choose between models with rotating heads and vibrating blades. The latter will be a little louder. However, you can use it in the same way as a classic razor. That is to say, by making linear movements on your face while following the hair’s direction.

On the contrary, the rotary head shaver will be much quieter but requires you to use it. Indeed, it requires that you perform circular movements on your face. Finally, if you want to draw your beard’s contours, and therefore only shave part of your hair, you should instead opt for a vibrating blade model.

Make sure it is comfortable to use

When buying an electric shaver, ease of use is very important and depends on several parts of your device. For example, it must offer a good grip and therefore have a perfectly ergonomic handle. Its shape must be perfectly adapted to that of your hand while it should be covered with a non-slip coating, which limits the risk of your electric shaver slipping out of your hands. It should also have a flexible shaving head, which allows it to access all areas of your face and be able to shave you incredibly close.

As for the blades, they must be entirely protected to prevent them from irritating your face’s skin. Finally, we advise you to opt for a wireless model. However, it would help if you made sure that it has good battery life and that its recharge time is short enough. Please note that some models need to be plugged in to charge while others need to be placed on their base.

Choose a quality model.

Buying an electric razor is a particular investment, and you need to make sure you can pay for it. For you to be able to use it for as long as possible, you need to make sure that it is sturdy. The first step is to examine the design and quality of the materials used. Indeed, if the latter is robust and high-end, it will have a better chance of withstanding any shocks.

Simultaneously, an electric razor whose design is sloppy, especially in terms of finishes, will not be very reassuring. It is also essential to take a look at the brand. The latter should be recognized in the sector of electric shavers. Will ensure that you benefit from a generally more reliable product and has the technologies developed by the company.

Finally, be sure to take a look at its manufacturer’s reputation for customer service. If there is a problem, it is indeed essential that you have a viable solution to resolve it.

Additional features that can make the difference

When you are hesitating between two similar models, these additional features can make the difference and help you make up your mind. Sometimes these are even real selling points, and just one part can cause an electric shaver to stand out. We are therefore going to take a tour of the most successful features. The most important is the tightness.

The latter offers many advantages. It allows you to use your electric shaver in the shower without risking damage to your device. It also makes it easier to clean the shaving head. You need to run it under water to remove all impurities and stuck hair.

Some vibrating blade models also have a mower mode. It allows you to be able to use it to trim your hair and shave it. It is an excellent option for those who want to be able to style their beard without using two separate devices.

There are also a lot of cold battery-related features. For example, fast charging allows a part of your battery to be recharged very quickly. Thus, if your battery gives up on you in the middle of a shave, you can still finish it. Some models can also be used while they are connected to the mains. It allows you to be able to use it both wired and wireless. Finally, most wireless models have a battery indicator,

Always pay the right price.

We have no trouble imagining you want a good deal. However, choosing the cheapest model doesn’t necessarily mean you get the best deal. First and foremost, you need to make sure you select a quality model that does not give up after a few uses. Also, some electric shavers come with accessories that can be very handy. It may, in particular, be a base.

The latter not only allows you to store your electric shaver, but some of them have additional features. For example, they can charge your electric razor while some are even self-cleaning. Finally, since you will need to maintain your electric shaver, you should also make sure you have everything you need to do so.

For this, you need to have a cleaning brush and lubricant, which are usually included with all-electric shavers. Finally, you might also find models that come with a carrying case, which is handy if you plan to take it with you on your travels.

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